MACE AI – Early Access


MACE v 1.1.6 | AI Generative Sampler | VST3 & AU Plugin Format

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AI-Generative One-Shot Sampler Plugin – v 1.1.6

MACE is a generative sampler. Instead of sampling audio it utilizes the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate new samples as defined by categorized model’s. We will be updating our website over time with new models to be downloaded to expand your arsenal!

Mace AI Sampler VST


For a limited time we are offering an introductory price of $19.99

Purchasing the Early Access you will receive:

  • Early access to the world’s first AI Generative VST/AU Plugin on the market
  • Early Access Library: Currently 19 models
  • Free downloads of newer model expansions as the MACE library develops and improves
  • Full version of the official release of MACE AI
    • Currently supported platforms:
    • PC – Windows 10+
    • Mac – High Sierra+ (Intel/M1 Universal Binary)
  • Free updates of the plugin
  • Insider emails of the state of new developments
  • Your early support will help improve our products and future AI based software
  • *Internet connection to activate product (offline authorization is in development)
  • *There will be bugs! Bear with us as your support enables us to add more developers to our team. Your testing helps provide us with support. If we can’t get it running on your machine we will refund you if you send us a support ticket and still keep the key!


  • 16 Sample Cells that can hold and trigger generated samples.
  • Model browser that allows you to select a model category and drop them onto cells
  • Cells can be regenerated infinitely until you find the right sample
  • Samples that are generated can be dragged out of MACE into your DAW or an external folder. You can also export all 16 cells to .wav files at the click of a button
  • “Cell Generations” feature that is an advanced undo system. It keeps track of up to 64 generations of each cell for you to go back and drag back into any cell
  • Start/End Trim Points
  • Sample Loop Mode
  • Midi Mappable Regenerate buttons:  Each regenerate button can be midi mapped and automated by your DAW (cell, row, all)
  • Customizable color for the UI
  • Built in ADSR, State Variable Low and High Pass Filters and Tuning controls
  • Trim start offset of each sample
  • Lock samples from becoming regenerated in rows
  • Multi-out support of 16 channels
  • AI trained models come included (currently 19)
  • Expansion packs will be released in the near future
  • Note: This is a digital download only

    Format / Requirements:

    • VST3/AU Format
    • Works with all currently compatible DAWS (Known Cubase issues)
    • Minimum System requirements:
      • Windows 10+ | Intel Core i3 or equivalent CPU | 4 GB RAM
      • OS X High Sierra+ | Intel Core i3 | (M1 / Intel) Universal Binary
    • Internet connection to activate product (offline authorization is in development)