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*Version scheme has been switched due to rapid updates and current version is 1.1.6


NOTE: This release we took extra time on refactoring a lot of code to make things more stable.
New features got put on the backburner until this release was made. Foruntely we are now rolling
along to focus primarily on new features!

Loading/Saving – Now MUCH faster for loading/saving instances of MACE

CPU – Usage spikes patched from 1.1.5 changes

Cell Generations
-Now uses seeds on load (fixes slow save times/crashing) when saving and loading from a state
-Using cell generations doesn’t crash if recalling from a saved DAW session
-Fixed some other misc. bugs discovered that Cell Generations introduced

-Better stability when multiple instances are open
-Fixed a probem when another MACE Plugin window instance was underneath would take on the data from dragging a cell or model item

-Logger added for technical support reasons


Fixes to version 1.1.5

Cell Generations – Clicking this icon in the Header Tool Bar (new icon to the left of “Regenerate” button at the top) will open up a new window.
This window will contain the generation history for the cell (up to 64 at a time). These “Generations” can be dragged back into a cell.

End Point – The sample editor now has an adjustable end point

Loop Mode – Clicking the loop icon in the Header Tool Bar will turn on a loop mode for the cell. This will loop between your set start and end points

Sample Playhead – The sample editor now has an animated playhead showing the position of the sample being played

Regen All Button – The footer section now has a “Regen All” button in which all cell’s will be triggered to regenerate

Midi Map for Regenerate Buttons – All three regenerate types (cell, row, all) are all now midi mappable and automatable within your DAW


UI Color – Now has persistency when set to a different color upon reload
Paths – Some of the path’s in the settings were still bugged (mainly the model’s) but should be working now for all users
Memory – Optimized some memory and file handling issues
Presets – Fixed some saving/loading bugs


-Presets may still have some bugs
-Start and End not automatable but will be in the next update
-Dragging Cell Generations out of MACE will not drop out .wav like the cells. This will be added in the next update

Fixes to version 1.1.4

-Change versioning scheme due to rapid updates (now 1.1.4 not 1.4)
-Fixed a minor bug cleaning up temporary data
-New windows installer that should fix most problems not showing up in DAWs
-Libtorch .dll’s now installed into C:/Program Files/Tensorpunk/Mace by default (unlessed changed during install)
-User PATH Environment variable now set to search for .dll’s without reboot

Fixes to version 1.1.3:
-Upgraded Windows installer and Mac installer
-Fixed some .dll/dylib not found issues
-Fixed a bug where right clicking to lock caused crashes
-Presets bugs sorted (older presets saved may be bugged)
-Infinite loading for generation bug fixed
-Fixed some bugs where users weren’t able to load in certain DAWs