Development Update #2

We have been busy at Tensorpunk! Since our last development update a lot has happened. We have been overwhelmed by the response and the traffic to our website. We appreciate all of the feedback, support, suggestions, and patience as we grow. The amount of great suggestions and bug reports we have gotten has been indispensable to us for helping develop MACE and our platform into something even greater.


There has been many updates since the launch of Early Access. The first few weeks we had an unbelievable amount of Early Access members sign up! This allowed MACE to be properly tested on a very large variety of machines, operating systems, DAWs, and environments. We had a lot of snags with getting our installers right but fortunately are proud to announce things seem to have stabilized and our current installers should run smooth. If you are still having any issues and haven’t open up a ticket, please email us at: [email protected].

Version Scheming

While we were rapidly updating we made an early error in running along with 1.2,1.3,1.4, etc. We decided to switch over to a more specific 1.1.5 at the fifth update. We will continue to use this scheme and apologize for any confusion.

customer support icon

Customer Support

We have trained an onboarded customer support representatives. We have now established a Knowledge Base of common problems and quick solutions. Our current ticket system allows us to address customers quick and easily. We apologize for any delays to tickets during our growth period. If you some how haven’t gotten a response and got caught in our change over please don’t hesitate to reach out.

MACE – Latest Version 1.1.5

State of MACE – v 1.1.5

Since the launch we have updated MACE numerous times. Mostly, each version has been a bug fix or a patch for working in certain environments and DAWs. We still are getting some feedback users are having troubles with certain DAWs (primarily Cubase, Bidule, and Bigwig) but are investigating ways to help get MACE running in them smoothly. Please be sure to download the latest installers if you haven’t to get the most stable and bug-less version.

New Features:

  • Cell Generations – Clicking this icon in the Header Tool Bar (new icon to the left of “Regenerate” button at the top) will open up a new window. This window will contain the generation history for the cell (up to 64 at a time). These “Generations” can be dragged back into a cell. This is our advanced solution to an undo/history system that was a major request from users.
  • End Point – The sample editor now has an adjustable end point and a better UI for editing trim points.
  • Loop Mode – Clicking the loop icon in the Header Tool Bar will turn on a loop mode for the cell. This will loop between your set start and end points.
  • Sample Playhead – The sample editor now has an animated playhead showing the position of the sample being played.
  • Regenerate All Button – The footer section now has a “Regen All” button in which all cell’s will be triggered to regenerate.
  • Midi Map for Regenerate Buttons – All three regenerate types (cell, row, all) are all now midi mappable and automatable within your DAW.
bug icon

Bug Fixes:

  • UI Color – Now has persistency when set to a different color upon reload
  • Paths – Some of the path’s in the settings were still bugged (mainly the model’s) but should be working now for all users
  • Memory – Optimized some memory and file handling issues
  • Presets – Fixed some saving/loading bugs

Possible Bugs Introduced & Misc. Notes:

  • Presets may still have some bugs
  • Start and End not midi mappable / automation enabled but will be in the next update
  • Dragging Cell Generations out of MACE will not drop out .wav like the cells. This will be added in the next update

AI Model Expansions / Presets / Training Your Own Samples

Now that we have mostly stabilized our installers (and will continue to do so!) and compatibility with different environments, we are shifting our focus to getting newer expansion packs trained and available for download. Having new models will be exciting and expand your sonic palette within MACE!

New Developments on Expansions:

  • Future models will come with an XML file that will have more details related to it. This will contain information such as longer sample length generation, stereo, etc. and will be registered into a database locally on your computer for MACE to be able to process and expand newer AI oriented features.
  • .MPF files (MACE Presets) will also have an improved format soon.
  • We have gotten a lot of requests about training your own samples. Stay tuned as we are planning on developing a service for users and artists to be able to generate their own model expansions. The current state of the art for training your own samples is a very lengthy and limited process. It requires a high-end GPU, time, large data sets, monitoring and tweaking parameters, and an environment that has Python properly set up. These variables make giving the end-users the ability to train very complicated. However, we have set up a plan and path towards developing a friendly web app on our website that will allow users to utilize cloud services for storage and processing easily to create their own AI models that will be compatible within MACE.
  • Model Browser / Store: We plan to integrate an in-app downloader/store for new expansions to make the process even easier for checking on newer packs and installing them quickly within your DAW!
future icon

Planned Future Updates

We are already working on features for the next update. Many of these have been prioritized by the amount of requests we have gotten from our Early Access members. We plan to make MACE as creative as a tool as possible.

  • Cell / Master FX
    • Each cell will have its own FX slots
    • There will be a master FX section as well for reverbs, compression, etc.
    • Reverb / Distortion is a priority but we will also be adding Bit Crushing, Delays, Stutter FX, Modulation, Frequency Shifting & Ring Mod
  • Longer Sample Generation
  • Stereo Sample Generation
  • Time-Stretching of samples for cells
  • More advanced sample editor (waveform zooming, fading start/end points)
  • Advanced Model Browser
  • Better ADSR Envelope
  • Modulation for parameters (LFOs, Envelopes, Random/Jitter Modules, etc.)
    • We are considering a mode that allows you to create modules and connect them to any parameter. We think this modular approach will open up MACE to some very interesting patches!
  • More detailed description on new updates + bug fixes within the plugin
  • Full midi-mapping of all parameters (including triggering cells)
  • Change layout of Cells (drum pad mode, etc)
  • Choke groups
  • QOL improvements (such as one click button to auto map all cells to each 1-16 outputs)
  • Shuffle Generate: Generate by selecting a random model in the browser
  • Unlimited Cell Generations history
  • Cell Generations history within .MPF presets
  • Possibly new AI-oriented parameters soon (nudging generation, meta-parameters, etc.)
gear ico

New Plugins

We have new plugins in the works alongside the development of MACE. Our priority is to focus on what AI can bring to the audio space and any creative tools/solutions that don’t currently exist on the market. Keep your eyes on our mass emails and website for more information.

Development Update #1

Tensorpunk as a company is dedicated to one thing: pushing the boundaries of conventional audio processing, generation, and synthesis. We are dedicated to creating next generation technologies for the aid of producing and finding new sounds for musicians. Our journey as a company has just begun, but we are eager to get the ball rolling on implementing artificial intelligence into audio plugins.

“A mathematical object analogous to but more general than a vector, represented by an array of components that are functions of the coordinates of a space.”

Definition of Tensor

“A style or movement characterized by the adoption of aggressively unconventional and often bizarre attitudes”

Definition of Punk

Training AI models for audio generation via GAN / machine learning technology takes time and much experimentation.

Thank you!

We would like to personally thank all of those who are participating in the early adoption of MACE! This technology is exciting and we are busy rapidly developing improvements as well as newer models for generation.

Update Checker

Within the MACE VST’s UI will appear a red text link in the footer as “Update Available!”. This will take you directly to the update page for download of the newer version as we progress with development. This is not for the newer models but we are considering including a built in check for newer releases. We plan to post updates in our news section as well as an email list for every new model released to expand your arsenal and sample generation power.

Click on the text to be taken straight to our update section to download the new update.

List of developments

Here is a list of some current news and things in the works:

  • The Mac version is in development and depending on testing may be available very soon.
  • There have been questions about the license / legality for the generation of the samples for commercial releases (i.e. sample packs). We are currently consulting a legal team to create a “Pro License” for these instances. However, as an early adopter you will automatically receive this license. When we have that sorted, keep an eye for an email issuing this license.
  • New models are currently wrapping up for training. Expect 2-3 model drops soon. There will be an email notifying you with a link available for download.
  • As an early adopter your feedback is important! If you have an idea / desire for a particular model category please contact us and let us know so we can prioritize demand.
  • There will be bugs! There has been quite a bit of testing but since the release is still in the early phases there is potential for things to go wrong. The AI generation is also a factor that may vary depending on hardware from machine to machine. Please don’t hesitate to report any to us via [email protected]

Happy generating!

-Tensorpunk Team